A Critical Review

"Don Sorenson, one of the city's most gifted and consistent young painters, shows six new canvases— more of his vibrant abstractions laced together with lightning. Sorenson's zig-zag compositions have become a familiar tradmark but his work remains interesting because it grows and changes. The news this year is that the artist now weaves his crisp linear networks over soft-edgeed horizontal strips of color.

Gone are the wide brush strokes that once rushed through diagonal gridwork. Gone, too, are closely keyed color harmonies. Except for one black, white and gray work, Sorenson's new paintings run through a full spectum, carefully orchestrated to emit a glow of, cool pink or mellow ivory.

At a distance, horizantal bands assert themselves and seem to calm churning motion. Up close, background stripes bleed into surrounding colors as we become absorbed with surface complexities. The wonder of it is that Sorenson packs so much energy into a single canva and makes and makes the entire process look easy.

(Nicholas Wilder Gallery)"


William Wilson
and Suzanne Muchnic
writing in their column
"A Critical Guide"

—Los Angeles Times,
October 5, 1978



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