"A typical painting by Don Sorenson offers the illusion of depth by playing an interlocking structure of zig-zags against an intensely contrasting color fiels."

page 120:

"Don Sorenson is part of the local artists boom. He graduated from Cal State Northridge in 1973. Making the rounds of L.A. galleries with slides of his work in hand, he managed to catch the eye of Nick Wilder by literally walking up to Wilder and shoving slides of his work in Wilder's face. Still, Wilder watched Sorenson for two years until he called the announced he had a cancellation at his gallery and would like him to show his work the next day.

Sorenson, who has only recently been able to support himself with his art, states, "I don't feel secure at all, ever. You can be the darling of the art world for a year and suddenly sales can drop off immediately."

Micheal Tenneson and Richard B. Marks in their article entitled "Local" Art Hits the Big Time, February 1980


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