County Museum of Art announces winners of annual young Talent Purchase Awards

The winners of the 22nd annual Young Talent Purchase Awards have been announced by the Los Angeles Museum of Art.

Ceramist Gifford Myers and painter Don Sorenson were selected to receive the $3,000 award sponsored by the Modern and Contemporary Art Council and the Department of 20th Century Art.

The award is believed to be the most substantial and prestigious offered by any American museum or institution to younger artists after the National Endowment grants.

The Young Talent Purchase Award program is open only to Los Angeles residents under age 36 and was established in 1963 to provide support and encouragement to promising artists.

The selection was made by senior curator of 20th century art Maurice Tuchman, curator Stephanie Barron and assistant curator Anne Edgerton in concert with the selection committee from the Modern and Contemporary Art Council consisting of Carol Rosenzweig, chairman; Jeanne Meyers, Doris Redman; Pam Runkle; Bonnie Wilke; and alternates Sharon Bubman and Nan Corman.

Approximately 80 studios were visited and presentations viewed before Myers and Sorenson were chosen.


Sorenson, 35, received his M.A. from Cal State Northridge. His one-man shows have included Nicholas Wilder Gallery, Mount St. Mary's College, the Roy Boyd Gallery and Hunsaker/Schlesinger Gallery.

Sorenson's work has been exhibited at the Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art, the Albuquerque Museum, Security Pacific National Bank, Long Beach Museum of Art, the San Francisco Museum of Contemporary Art and Nagoya City Museum in Japan.

Sorenson is best known for his large abstract paintings characterized by the use of brilliant diagonal slashes and lightning bolts. Gradually he began to incorporate faint human figures. Eventually the human forms became the central motifs, being derived from classical Greek sculptural subjects.

Most recently he incorporated a more complicated, abstract style, painting very large canvases full of hidden images.

According to Tuchman, "Myers and Sorenson have in common an exceptional exhibition history with 17 solo shows between them, and participation in almost 100 group exhibitions. Yet they both seem poised for more ambitious undertakings in their diverse art styles, with sufficient experience to take on risky and serious artistic explorations."



Los Angeles Herald Examiner
Thursday, August 2, 1984


Awards program invitation
for July 1, 1984:



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